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TradeForex.eu was established in 2015 in Switzerland by a small team of investors and financial journalists.

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With decades of experience working with retail and institutional investors, we work together to produce time-sensitive, insightful markets content.

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Since 2015

Investors can be spoilt for choice when it comes to financial news, so we wanted to cut through the confusion and provide a simple one-stop site for all aspects of the industry. You will find articles on such diverse topics as forex trading strategies, broker comparison and market news. We aim to produce articles that are both on-trend and educational, not just newsflash updates.

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We write for an audience

We write for an audience of retail and professional investors, working or investing in the forex market. Our analysts and journalists work closely to produce timely insights to help inform and educate investors.
In order to contact us to discuss a story you want to share, please reach out directly using the form attached. One of our team will be delighted to speak with you. Make sure you leave contact information in your message.

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